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0.25% equity


Early stage startups need advice from operators most of all, not someone who once was successful a decade ago.



Kickoff meeting

Tell me about your startup and I'll give you candid advice for free. I'll recommend growth channels, give you guidance on strategy and play devils advocate on your assumptions.


We can work together on a weekly, monthly or ad hoc basis, compensated in equity and/or consulting fees. We discuss growth goals, testing strategy and I keep you accountable to both.




When I get excited by a company I can't help promoting it to my network. As a company in my portfolio I'll help you with blog posts, backlinks and sales introductions to potential customers.

Starting at

0.25% equity

For my engagements I use the standard FAST agreement from Founder's Institute. https://fi.co/fast. You can substitute some or all of the stock options with consulting fees if preferred.

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